What You Might Like to Know About Our Company

ACS Premier, Inc. utilizes a small-team management strategy, striving to provide a level of personalized service to each client. Through utilization of computer aided design and specialized technology, we deliver a professional product and detailed results. The professional and technical staff possesses a broad background in project engineering, architecture, surveying, and construction management for development of public works, commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural projects. Design considerations are established for each project to ensure quality, constructability, and serviceability.


ACS Premier, Inc. is located in Santa Maria, California. This central location allows us to be available for our clients with minimal notice. Active participation in local and national business organizations, technical societies, and continuing education programs are used to assist the staff in maintaining technical proficiency. Our company maintains a good working relationship with relevant regulatory agencies. Our staff currently maintains four engineers, one architect, a draftsman, one engineering technicians, one architectural technician, and administrative support. Our teams are divided according to projects needs depending on type of work, scope, project schedule, and client requirements.